In April 2001, as a mechanical supervisor at Metro-North Railroad, I began creating a website for safety & equipment information at the Brewster Shops.  Shortly after that I was given a specially appointed position doing web development for Metro-North Railroad Mechanical Department.  For the next 8 years, until retiring in 2012, I created a Mechanical Department website (shown below) & 27 web applications that allowed access to all the mechanical department documents and equipment information. Below are some of the applications created.

list of applications created at MNRR all using a Microsoft Access Database:

Job Safety Analysis
Material Catalog Search
Harmon Foreman Overtime List
NWP Foreman Overtime List
Poughkeepsie Foreman Overtime List
Yard Specific Information Web Application
Gear Unit Rebuild
South Wheel Press
Engineering Drawings
North Wheel Press
Harmon Safety Committee
NWP Safety Committee
Brewster Locker List
NWP Locker List
Harmon Locker List
Harmon Vacations & Single Days Off
Brewster Vacations & Single Days Off
NWP Vacations & Single Days Off
New Haven Vacations & Single Days Off
GCT Vacations & Single Days Off
Find My Part
FRA & RailRoad Presentations
MofE Engineering Department Software Management
New Haven Safety Committee
Harmon PIT Meeting
MofE Safety Bulletins
Harmon Diesel Shop OT Compliance
Harmon Standard Operating Procedures
GCT Mechanical Desk Electronic Logbook
Brewster Mechanical Desk Electronic Logbook
MofE Engineering Documents
Operations Department Daily Train Operations Bulletin Order, general notices & operations notices




A Job Safety Analysis application made in 2009.